Nifty Approved is the premium collection of Nifty Objects which has passed our 5-Step Testing Process. All the items are tested by a dedicated team and then only added to the collection. These steps ensure that you obtain the maximum utility for their dollars spent and are essential in representing our commitment towards our loyal customer base. The steps are as follows:


1. Description Match

The first step in the process is ensuring that product descriptions will always match the product description word-by-word. 

2. Material Quality

Only the products with optimum product quality at the offered price are assigned the #NiftyApproved collection. For this, the team compares the products with their competitors and sometimes also with their alternatives.

3. Product Functioning

Product functioning is synonymous to product utility. No compromise is made when evaluating the performance of products and the ones that perform the best are added to the collection.

4. Product Durability

Durability is yet another characteristic that a product should possess before it is assigned as #NiftyApproved. Any product's durability is assessed by putting it to use multiple times by our dedicated team and then deciding upon the product's inclusion.

5. Shipping Overheads

The last step is to evaluate the shipping overheads and ensuring that no or only nominal shipping is charged for the products.



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