About Us

Almost nothing can hold value without being an object of utility. It is an object’s unique ability to ease a process, or create a whole new method altogether, which benefits our lives and, in turn, makes that object worth having. And since our inception in 2018, this principle has greatly guided the functioning of Nifty Objects.

Nifty Objects is the global platform for everything practical. All our products are 100% genuine and come with a simple return policy. We source our products directly from manufacturing units after they have been thoroughly tested. So we don't cut any corners, just the middlemen.

We are all about utility but, as our tagline mentions, we tend to go a step further- well sometimes a few steps further- and bring you not so genius products but rather those that you would still love to have anyway. Thus, Utility & More.

And if you didn't already notice, we are highly customer obsessed. We want to treat you that same way we would like to treated, and sometimes even better! So you don't have to struggle reaching out to us whenever in doubt. Our diligent customer care team is always there to help you out with whatever query that you may have.

On top of this, Nifty Objects also has a comprehensive CSR Policy. As a business that operates in the global society and utilizes the scarce resources of our environment, we have our fair share to be given back to their different constituents. You can have a look at our policy here.

Owing to these few reasons, and more so due to our loyal customer base, we have not only thrived but also fared well. Follow and shop with us to be a part of our diverse customer community!