CSR Initiatives

Nifty Objects realizes that the time to take an action has arrived if our planet and its constituents are to be sustained. As a business that caters to you, it is our responsibility that we give back more than just mere products. Every step counts and we are determined to play our part. 

We were incorporated with a comprehensive CSR Policy under which we aim to focus upon the following:

       1. Climate change and deforestation

      2. Ecological Imbalances

      3. Child labor


So far, we have achieved the following and are constantly working on doing more as you read:

1. Climate Change & Deforestation

Nifty Objects partnered with The Giving Tree official, a Non-Profit Organisation which aims at planting trees and raising awareness about deforestation and its consequences relating to the climate change phenomenon. Every year, we reimburse their expenses of planting the trees including all salaries and overheads. You can have a look at their Instagram page here.   

2. Ecological Imbalances

Our planet can't wait, nor should we. Bearing this thought in mind, Nifty Objects has decided to enroll for a membership to 1% for the Planet community. The membership will include Nifty Objects to pay 1% of its yearly sales amount, whether our year was profitable or not. The non-profit organization will use this amount to provide environmental solutions by divesting it to several other non-profits. Our application is on the way and you can learn more about their model here.

3. Child Labor

Child labor is a menace and even though many corporates consider it as a "necessary evil", Nifty Objects stands strongly against employing children in hazardous and strenuous production facilities. To ensure this, all the products listed on our website are produced in government authorized industries that operate with appropriate licenses and never employ children in any form of laborious activity. 

However, we provide increased remuneration in form of a fixed allowance per child who is of the age or under 16 years, in order to enable the workers to take optimal care of their wards. Furthermore, in the case of marginalized and/or impoverished workers, we ensure that their pay exceeds the eligibility criteria to avail government assistance so that taxpayers don't have to pay for their salaries. 


At Nifty Objects, we are changing lives every second and we advise you to identify and act as per your individual responsibility as well.