Nifty Assured Warranty Scheme

Every decision at Nifty Objects is undertaken while keeping customer experience in mind. We take pride in serving our customers through thick and thin, in any situation whatsoever. And to continue with our principles, we have decided to offer our in-house warranty on selected items based on a very simple scheme. 

Nifty Assured Warranty Scheme is a scheme wherein we make up for manufacturing defects that may have crept into the product purchased by you. Even though the products would have been tested by us, there is always a chance that the item delivered to you might not function well up to your standards or requirements. Also, since we list only those products on our website that we trust in, we have a responsibility towards your purchases.



If a product qualifies for Nifty Assured Warranty Scheme, it will reflect as an automatically selected option on the product page and also in the description of the product.



For products covered under Nifty Assured Warranty Scheme, there is a no questions asked refund or replacement policy if a request for either of them is made within 14 days of receiving the product. For requests made after 14 days, the scheme promises following payouts:
Days after Product Received
Refund Voucher*
15-60 30% 70%
61-90 30% 60%
91-120 30% 50%
121-150 30% 40%
151-180 30% 30%


  1. Customers can claim the warranty by mailing us at with their order numbers. For a swifter action, it is advised that customers attach a video of the faulty product and mention complete details regarding their claim.
  2. Nifty Objects is not responsible for any damage that is dealt to your personal belongings due to the faulty product and so the scope of warranty is due limited.
  3. The customer, in almost every case, will have to bear the cost of returning product. 
  4. The mode of refund will be international wire or via PayPal, as per the discretion of the customer. The refund amount will be calculated after including the fees charged, if any, for the amount transfer.
  5. The voucher will be provided in the form of a discount code for the amount equivalent to the percentage quoted of the value refunded.
  6. The voucher will be for one time use only.
  7. The warranty includes only manufacturing defect in the article in question and excludes inappropriate handling and accidental damages.
  8. The warranty is exclusive of items that claim water resistance of any grade.
  9. The warranty can only be claimed by the individual who made the purchase and nobody else.
  10. While redressing grievances, the decision of Nifty Object's team will be final and binding on the parties to warranty.