Nifty Objects® Natural Seasons Basket for Planting/Storage

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100% natural seagrass woven baskets - light, thin, and flexible but made to last a long time under heavy use. Nifty Objects' decorative baskets have a raw look and feel that is warm and inviting.

These baskets are masterfully woven by hand by the best artisans, each premium-quality belly basket in our collection sports a tighter and thicker weave than cheaply made alternatives, making them significantly more durable while still maintaining their lightness and flexibility. They’re also made with seagrass, a natural material that’s not only sustainably grown, but easy to harvest as well. This makes our baskets a truly eco-friendly storage solution.

We gladly accept returns in case of defected/wrong items being delivered. Contact us within 72 hours of delivery.

Money-back period:

No questions asked return policy wherever applicable except for customized orders. Look under details to see if a product is covered under our Nifty Assured Warranty Scheme.